We are nearing the end of our transition period from Pisces to Aquarius

Message from Anubis, August 11, 2014

Priestesses and other elders have been checking out recently – and while I know that age takes us all, some were young and some were very old. What is going on, that they have chosen to check out at this time? Linda Iles spoke of coming changes that these elders would not be/had not chosen to be a part of. Can you elaborate on this?

It is a new dawning. You’ll recall that Olivia spoke of the dawning of this New Age as a process. This is a 50 or so year transition. You don’t go to bed tonight and when you wake up in the morning, it’s the Age of Aquarius. The 50+ years of that transition are nearing completion. Some chose to bring in the new Age and be active at the beginning of the transition period, while others came to see it through to the Great Shift or completion. Both are good, both are hard, both are beautiful and necessary. Those who brought in the transition have, for the most part, completed their work (contract) and may choose to check out at this time. Those who are in the completion end still have work to do and won’t be ready to check out until completion of the transition.

What will the new age be like? 

A lot of new ideas, new inventions, healing modalities will characterize the positive side. Certain old Pisces-Age institutions, including some world religions, will resist the transition and fight to the bitter end to maintain their grip on the masses, using fear as their main weapon. You can expect some backlash against Paganism and its branches, new witch hunts, and the demonization of everything that represents these changes (for example, there will be attacks against the Virgin Mary within the Catholic Church itself, because she is the closest thing they have to a Goddess, and Goddess worship and feminism, everything that upholds women as people who are worthy and autonomous, will have to “go” if the conservative side of Christianity is to survive in its present state. At least, that will be the thinking of those who are resisting change.) These Piscean-Age religions will have to change or die.

There will still be war, greed, and strife because these are the challenges that make humans grow. Those who engage in them or cause them have free will, without which growth is very slow, if not impossible. There will be residual greed-based behaviors because these have been learned from the prior generation; it will take some time for this to change, because, in the short term, greed is so rewarding to those who initiate it and who don’t have to immediately suffer its consequences. As the Aquarian Age proceeds, however, consequences of behavior –Karma—will happen much more quickly than before, and in time, some of these behaviors will be extinguished. You do have to allow for slow learners, of course. In the more distant future, a new group of elders (those who are infants now, for example, are the first wave) will incarnate to begin the erasure of extreme greed, but that is still a long way off. And remember that some learning tools must remain for the Earth School to continue to be useful. Once the souls learn the lessons involving greed and hate, and suffer their consequences, these behaviors can end. The amount of time involved depends on the souls involved and how quickly they can learn.

The goFirstWorldProblemsod that is coming is an upswelling of consciousness—people living in presence and thinking beyond themselves and their personal needs and desires, and their own little worlds. I really love the “First World Problems” memes because they perfectly illustrate a lack of consciousness and a self-centered basis of action and thought. In time, this thinking pattern will become a thing of the past and people will be able to think in a broader, more inclusive pattern. I guess you can say that as a species, you are growing up another increment. There will be fewer “spoiled little brats” and an increase in “grown ups.”  Even though the generation of “Indigos” are spoiled by helicopter parents and overindulgence, they will rebel against these chains of parental overinvolvement and reject the overindulgence – much as the Buddha did—and claim consciousness and truth.

How much longer will the transition last?

Well, it’s a gradual cross-fading so the old will taper, taper….into the new. Probably within a dozen years or so, but I hate to say definitively because there are so many factors affecting it. Sometime after your next checkout-door [we have “doors” that we can use to check out, that appear at certain times during our personal timeline; many of us have one coming up in about 12 years.] So if you want to see it, you’ll have to hang around a little past that. I know how tired you all are, but the decision to stay or leave is yours. Once you reach the next door, your contract will be completed. You can stay or you can come home. If you rest [your body and mind] now, you’ll be able to make it to see the new age.

Will people stop being so horrible to each other, to animals, and to the planet?

Some will. There will still be violence in the Middle East, for example, but it will lessen dramatically once the oil runs out. Then the world powers will no longer have an interest in the area and will stop interfering and manipulating local tribes and ethnic groups. Africa is in transition and will remain unstable for 20 or 30 more years. When the oil runs out, China will have a BIG problem so watch for turmoil there that will spread worldwide, possible military action against their neighbors—anyone who has oil reserves. But once the transition away from oil is completed, things will begin to quiet down again.(You should prepare for the oil running out if you stay beyond 2030 or so. Once the oil is gone, you’ll do well to live “off the grid.” But energy interests will attempt to control all sources of energy, including the sun and wind, so if you want solar or wind power for yourself, you’ll need to get your equipment long before the oil starts to run low.)

My final word is that all is as it should be, and all is well.